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İstiklal Street — 50 mt

Running from Taksim Square to Tünel, Istiklal Street is the single most famous and crowded street on the European side of the city. This populous street resembles an open-air shopping mall that does not close at night and it is full of brands both Turkish and international. Take the classical tramway if you are tired or explore the side streets and arcades for local and eccentric shops.

Grand Pera — 220 mt

Grand Pera with its nostalgic name Cercle D’Orient is a very famous and charming building from 19th century of Istanbul. Since then it had become one of the important role in social life in Istanbul. Today it has renovated and you can make shopping from stores and also enjoy the social activities inside of it.

Demiroren Shopping Mall — 280 mt

You can find anything you are looking for in one place. You can walk from our hotel to Demiroren Shopping Mall and enjoy the shopping in a historical atmophere.

Çukurcuma Street — 800 mt

This one is especially advantageous for the lovers of the nostalgic theme of Beyoglu. Beautiful neoclassical apartments reside along this winding street with a fair amount of vintage shops in order to satisfy the expectations of its retrophiliac visitors.

Serdar-ı Ekrem Street — 1 km

If you are looking for a quieter shopping experience; this narrow, cobble-stoned street would fit your wills. Unlike Istiklal, this street is inhabited with smaller brands, souvenir shops and boutiques of renowned Turkish designers. After done shopping, peaceful cafes and cocktail bars will be ready to welcome you to help you relax.

Abdi İpekçi Street — 2,5 km

The relatively close Nisantasi district is usually known for its luxury and glamorous look. The Abdi İpekçi Street, which is in Nişantaşı is accommodated with many boutiques of world-famous and high-class brands as well as top-notch local brands that call you for an unforgettable shopping experience.


Mısır Apartmanı — 350 mt

While walking through Istiklal Street, you will find yourself admiring this splendid structure. Its Art Nouveau style architecture is going to make you looking for surprising details. By the way, don’t miss the club and restaurant at the building’s penthouse.

St. Antoine Church — 400 mt

You cannot miss this magnificent work of Italian neo-Gothic architecture standing by Istiklal Street. The biggest Roman Catholic church in Istanbul is definitely a must-see and it is located right beside the Misir Apartment.

Tünel — 900 mt

Explore the second oldest subway line of Europe and the districts surrounding it; you will find streets to be lost in, sights to be photographed and a nostalgic atmosphere to be enjoyed.

Galata Tower — 1,2 km

Climbing onto the iconic element of Istanbul’s glamorous skyline should be one of the first things on your bucket list. Try to make your time on the observation deck coincide with sunset to be amazed by the beauty of the Bosphorus, Old Istanbul, and The Golden Horn. Also, you can enjoy the restaurant and the club at the top floor.

Hagia Sophia Museum — 3,9 km

One of the oldest structures in Istanbul that is decorating the city skyline with its renowned massive dome from the 6th century is now serving as a museum and welcoming visitors from all over the world. While you’re there, you should observe and be amazed by the impacts of different empires that host Hagia Sophia throughout history.

The Blue Mosque — 4 km

The Blue Mosque or The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a functioning mosque made in the 17th century standing right next to Hagia Sophia and it is an architectural wonder every newcomer must observe with its wide courtyard, hand-painted blue interior tiles, six minarets, and light blue domes.


Nevizade Street — 70 m

Every night of the week, summer or winter, many locals and travelers fill this small street with amusement and you should partake in this collective act of having a good time by either sitting one of the pubs, trying out new cold starters from Turkish cuisine with local spirits, enjoying the view from one of the many rooftop bars or dancing at a club nearby.

Nevizade is a small, moving street parallel to Istiklal Avenue packed with taverns and pubs and it is easy to say that Taksim is not complete without it.

Çiçek Pasajı (The Flower Passage) — 190 mt

This narrow arcade in the middle of Istiklal Avenue is one of the centers of Istanbul’s nightlife. You can enjoy the lively restaurants either day or night and if you are looking for a merry ambiance to try out local specialties with some raki while listening to oriental melodies played by instrumentalists, a weekend night in the Flower Passage would be lovely for you.

Madame Tussauds — 220 mt

Are you ready to see World famous stars? Madame Tussauds is waiting for you to have a memorable experience in Istanbul.

Asmalı Mescit — 650 mt

Asmalı Mescit district near The Tünel Square is full of art galleries, pubs, cocktail bars, cafes, event halls, and nightclubs. You can enjoy a quiet evening at a traditional tavern if you want, or you can spend your night at one of the nightclubs. Also, feel free to wander around in Asmalı Mescit during the daytime since it is as beautiful as it is at night.

Taksim Square — 700 mt

One of the most crowded points of Istanbul, Taksim Square is considered the heart of modern Istanbul with its restaurants, shops, cafes, pubs, clubs and hotels. You should pay there a visit while you are around and be ready to be surprised by its beautiful chaos. Also, check out the Republic Monument at the center of the square and the Gezi Park nearby.

Narmanlı Han — 850mt

Newly restorated building was built in 1831. Many famous poets and artists of Turkish Art History lived in this beautiful building. Narmanlı Han has many cafes, restaurants, bars and Museum of Illusions inside of it.

Vodafone Arena — 2 km

The home pitch of one of the biggest Turkish clubs, Beşiktaş, is the reason many travelers choose to stay in this neighborhood because of the many important football games it hosted like the UEFA Super Cup 2019.


Pera Museum — 550 mt

Climbing onto the iconic element of Istanbul’s glamorous skyline should be one of the first things on your bucket list. Try to make your time on the observation deck coincide with sunset to be amazed by the beauty of the Bosphorus, Old Istanbul, and The Golden Horn. Also, you can enjoy the restaurant and the club at the top floor.

Istanbul Modern Art Museum — 800 mt

The museum’s temporary building in Şişhane, Beyoglu greets its visitors with a wide variety of examples of contemporary art. Their collection consists of mostly local artists’ works of video art, paintings, sculptures, installations and many more.

Salt Galata and Salt Beyoglu — 1,5 km and 400 mt, respectively

Both settled in great buildings with spectacular architectures; ‘Salt’ galleries serve as art and culture centers where you can attend to film screenings and exhibitions, participate in workshops and talks, watch performances by various artists, use the study rooms to work or just enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the view.